USC-San Jose State continued…

3rd Quarter

13:45- McKnight weaves through the defense for a long touchdown run.  35-3 USC.  He talked about emerging as the feature back during the offseason and is well on his way with 135 yards and 2 touchdowns so far.

12:55- My mind is starting to wander from the game.  San Jose State cannot move the ball on offense.  Should I get Mexican or Chinese for dinner?

12:08- San Jose State stuffed for a 4-yard loss.  USC has 11 tackles for a loss already.  Definitely going to go with Mexican tonight…

11:32- Spartans facing 3rd and long.  This is becoming a familiar refrain.  USC almost intercepts the pass twice.  4th down.

Expecting big things out of this return…

11:17- Punted out of bounds at the 14.  I never said I was Nostradamus.  Or Negrodamus.

Oklahoma State up 17-7.  Can’t decide whether I would rather see Megan Fox in a bikini or an SEC school lose.

Okay, I’d rather see Georgia lose…

10:45- Petros Papadakis has said “conservative” about 43 times this game.  Hopefully Carroll lets Barkley sling it around a bit before the Ohio State game.

The roommates are getting antsy and want to swim.  I’ll be joining them after this drive.

8:46- USC down to the 5-yard line after a Brice Butler catch.  I’d like to see Barkley throw on this next play.  Let him show off the arm…

Even Uncle Rico doesnt have Barkleys arm strength

Even Uncle Rico doesn't have Barkley's arm strength

8:28- Barkley completes the first touchdown of his USC career.  42-3.  I’ll set the over/under for career touchdowns at 94 (in only three years).  Any takers?

Time to swim.  Sorry ladies, there won’t be any pictures.


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