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Channing Frye’s Blog

Because it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen since LaGarrette Blount punched that guy here is the address to Channing Frye’s blog.



Funny guy…

I should add that I don’t condone what Blount did.  He embarassed the program and should be at minimum suspended.  It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the program going forward (this season and beyond).  A savvy person might see this incident as a way to make a national statement that players are held accountable at Oregon.  Nice little recruiting pitch to parents in the future, right?



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Oregon Football

Loyal followers of my Blazers season prospectus (Hi Mom!) will have to wait a bit for the next update because another sport just started (or ended, depending on how you look at it).  I’m talking about college football and the mighty Ducks of Oregon.

After weeks of heated debate over what uniform combination the team should wear (I personally wanted the pink sequined jerseys with fuchsia helmets and sparkly shoes) Oregon faced off against the No. 14 Boise State Broncos in an opening-night showdown that lived up to none of the expectations.  Neither team scored a lot.  Neither team played well.  And, quite frankly (I promise that is the last time my blog will relate in any way to Stephen A. “Cheese Doodle” Smith), neither team deserved to win.

Congratulations to Boise State.  They were clearly the less bad team tonight and will walk away with one victory and one less tooth, courtesy of a right hook by Clubber Lang– I mean LaGarrette Blount.  Think that fat kid is going to talk any more trash this season?

Dont talk no trash to LaGarrette

Don't talk no trash to LaGarrette

Blount deserves to be suspended for the punch, although you could make the case that he simply took the new NCAA sportsmanship rules about taunting to an extreme.  Ridicule an opponent, get punched in the face.  Kind of like a shock collar for a dog.  Thank goodness for that contrived pre-game handshake, though.  Things could have really gotten out of hand otherwise.

One final note: Chris Peterson is a class act.  Makes losing to the Broncos a little less painful.

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